What is HRmeneutics? On the face of it, HRmeneutics is just a play on “hermeneutics”, which is “the study of the methodological principles of interpretation (as of the Bible)”. (Merriam-Webster) In hermeneutics, we want to study correctly so as to interpret correctly, and there is a methodology with which we go about that to do it well.

In the world of biblical studies, hermeneutics is serious and important. HR for the Church is not the Bible, but it is serious and it is important. It is about honoring God in our employment practices. That involves treating employees well, obeying government regulations, and doing things in an orderly fashion. I hope the book and this website will be helpful for churches who desire to be excellent in their role as employers.

As for this blog, you might find a variety of things here. There may be some HR tips, some breaking news, or some opinions on HR topics. While you will never find legal advice here, I do hope that my principles of interpretation regarding HR matters will be sound and that the things posted here will be helpful. That’s HRmeneutics.